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PostSubject: PURSE GAMES   Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:53 pm

.BONUSOLIZER: all bets placed here go to bonusolizatr game fund and accumulating during one hour.after this hour finished wining with 90% frombonusolizator fund recives only that user,who took second place by bet sum in bonusolizator for passed hour.if only one user takes part into game his stakes fully return to him.bets can be made from the purse only.for see the result of that press 4 key/purse and service/statistics/bonusilzator fun or if you want see the result of passed hour press 4/purse and servic/statistics/bonusolizator last hour. 2.
Roulette is another kind of game which is for your chance.when you get in to it you see 4 parts even,odd,dozen,and your number.this game is like cousino's games which you will win your purse or morethan it
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